Is there a Farmer's Market Near You?

We have lots of farmers markets in the Denver area, but most aren't open yet (usually starting in May).

There's also the Mile High Flea Market open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but the vendors tend to sell produce that's been shipped in.

Farmers Markets are on our mind because we're really wanting some fresh produce. Our own Summer plants are still just seeds waiting to sprout, or 3 inch tomato seedlings. The carrots, radishes, bunching onions and greens will go in the raised bed this week, but couldn't do it before now with all of the weird weather and last week's blizzard.

We're suggesting you check your area for farmers markets. Support your local farmers while you're waiting to harvest your own produce. Maybe you'll even make friends with some vendors who just might be homesteaders... talk about your goals and maybe you'll be invited to check out their homestead and meet their goats and pigs and chickens!

Now excuse me while I go pretend this mealy pink-inside tomato is a real homegrown slicer!

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Carolyn said...

2nd Street Market in Dayton, Ohio is my favorite Farmer's Market.