Perennial Shrubs and Berries

I love fruit. If I had access to fresh fruit, especially berries, every day, that's mostly what I'd eat. Fruit is also great to freeze, can as jams, and dehydrate.

We have about 12 strawberry plants and 2 raspberries and 5 blackberries right now. Unfortunately we can't really take them with us when we leave. So we'll have a lot of them to buy when we get to our next (and last, please god) homestead. We'll also have a greenhouse as soon as possible so that we can grow blueberries and strawberries year-round.

Here's the list of perennial shrubs and berries (mostly fruits!) found at

Shrubs and Berries
  • American elderberry, Sambucus canadensis

  • American highbush cranberry, Viburnum trilobatum

  • Blackberry, Rubus allegheniensis

  • Black raspberries, Rubus occidentalis

  • Blueberry, Vaccinium angustifolium, V. corybosium

  • Cranberry, Vaccinium macrocarpon

  • Elderberry, Sambucus nigra

  • Golden currants, Ribes aureum

  • Golden raspberries, Rubus sp.

  • Gooseberries, Ribes spp.

  • Hobblebush, Viburnum alnifolium

  • Honeyberry, Lonicera caerule

  • Huckberry, Vaccinium sp.

  • Huckleberry, Gaylussacia baccata

  • Lingonberry, Vaccinium vitis-idaea

  • Nannyberry, Viburnum lentago

  • Red raspberries, Rubus idaeus

  • Regent Serviceberry Amelanchier alnifolia 'Regent'

  • Sa berry, Hippophae rhamnoides

  • Silverbuffalo berry, Sheperdia argentea

  • Smooth sumac, Rhus glabra

  • Staghorn sumac, Rhus typhina

  • Strawberry, alpine, Fragaria vesca

  • Srawberry, Fragaria virginiana

  • Timbleberry, Rubus parviflorus

  • Wild rose, Rosa blanda or sp
We will also have to add bayberry: the berries are used to make light-green wax for candles, and I've heard that some people eat the berries!

Tomorrow: Perennial Vines

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