Reflection on Needs

We've been doing a lot of soul-searching here in our family. If we can ever gather enough money for our dream homestead, do we want a full-on farm? Do we want sheep to slaughter and provide wool for me (always me!) to spin and sew? Do we want pigs to slaughter, root through our garden, and provide bacon and ham (needing a smokehouse to preserve). Do we want more than a cow and goat to provide milk for me (yes, me again) to make butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream?

It is so important for people to decide how far to go - a backyard grocery garden or 40 acres of productive farm? A corner of an apartment's living room or 5 acres of permacultured land?

We're still discussing, and will come to a decision when we get closer to selling our current home. Have YOU discussed this with YOUR family?


Anonymous said...

We decided recently to take deeper cuts into our living expenses to be able to reach our dreams of self sufficiency. I believe everyone dreams of making enough off a farm to support them selves financially then there are those that choose to provide for family first. What's left can be used to become more financially secure.
We chose to provide for us first. We will still be needing a job for some things, but what we can do for ourselves benefits us.

Humble wife said...

Hmm you have me thinking. I wrote about what we bought because in previous comments I was told that I was fortunate to have my dream is the post I wrote:

We made the vision a reality. We became a farm in the desert. We now have 12 goats, 7 Navajo Churro sheep, 5 geese, 7 ducks, 100 chickens, 5 Black Spanish turkeys and of course the cats to keep the mice away.
We have a fenced garden with raised beds and this fall we will focus on trees.

So I say go for it, but remind yourself daily that the dream homestead is not as important as the dream of making a dream homestead!

Carolyn said...

I found your blogs thru Daily Survival. I just wanted to say Hi and keep up the good work. I am now a Follower!