Nasturtiums As a Disinfectant?

I was reading and researching about nasturtiums: How the seeds, flowers and leaves are edible. How to grow them. How to use them. And I came across this little tidbit:

In ancient times in its native Peru the nasturtium was used as a wound disinfectant and taken onto battle fields to be used as a poultice and a disinfectant wash.

Wonderful! Another double (triple? quadruple?) duty plant. So... from what I understand, make a wash by steeping the flower heads and leaves in boiling water, probably for several hours. Dab on with fresh cotton balls, or make a poultice by soaking clean linen or cloth and leaving directly on the wound. Probably not for deep gashes.


  • I wonder if using the nasturtium-wash would help heal mosquito bites or sunburns?

  • I wonder if drinking the nasturtium-wash would disinfect our innards? Perhaps ridding intestinal parasites?

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