Homemade Walnut Oil

Here's how to make oil from walnuts. I haven't done it yet, because I'm still searching for a nut/seed oil extractor machine.

  • Crack the walnuts.

  • Grind the walnut meats in a standard meat grinder. Be sure to have a clean bucket or bowl underneath to catch the walnut meats after the first grinding.

  • Using a big cast iron pot, cook the walnut meat with a little bit of water. Over a fire is fine. Takes about 30 minutes, constantly stirring, with a big wooden spoon or wooden paddle.

  • Place the cooked hot walnut meat in a press.

  • Here's the tricky part - you need to set up some kind of a press, with LOTS of strength and force with gentleness. You don't actually pound the walnut meats, just press them. Have a strong tray to hold the walnut meats, and a way to drain the oil from there to a waiting jar or bucket. NOTE: I've seen car jack hydraulic systems being used but I don't think I could do that.

  • Seal and store in the fridge.

Sorry - this is the best I can come up with ... so far! I'm still searching for a nut/seed oil extractor. Anyone?


Chris said...

Are you still searching for an oil press? Producing my own oil has been high on my list of things to do and I have recently gotten a hand cranked oil press I imported from Europe. I've been making all of my own oil from seeds I have grown and have been experimenting with nuts and everything has been a wild success other than the oily mess I have made in the kitchen. It takes vry little time at all to make a pint of oil, the other day I was able do do a pint of walnut oil in about 15 minutes, of course the quality of the oil is superb.
The press is simple and I am going to work on building them to offer for sale here in the US if I see that there will be enough market for them to justify the expense of buying the tools to build them. I have several people interested in presses.
If you want to contact me to talk about oil pressing feel free, I've done quite a bit of it, I also have a large commercial press system that I use for oil for fuel in my diesel engines and have pressed many hundreds of gallons of canola oil with that system as well. christopherscigliano@hotmail.com

Noah Jackson said...

We are still searching for an oil press. Please let us know if you are building them. jackson dot noah at gmail dot com

Vee and the Kid said...

Yes, actually found one, although I can't afford to buy it yet.

it's in their catalog but I have troubles with their website. It's pretty reasonably priced and looks like it can do a LOT!