Dried Banana Slices Vs Bunny

I bought some dried banana slices recently to see if our Angora bunny would eat them if we were stuck indoors for a lengthy period of time (think blizzard or flu outbreak) and if we weren't able to get fresh raw veggies and fruit.

I'd been giving our bunny 1 or 2 dried slices a day. This morning, I gave her a handful. Do NOT ever do that! I'm gonna repeat that... DO NOT give a bunny more than 1 or 2 dried banana slices. Why?

Because it made her very VERY hyper! Before long, she was running circles around in her cage and panting heavily. I gave her a big bowl of water, talked calmly to her, let her out to thump and run around our home, and gave her space and time. And hay. Lots of hay.

It took about an hour (maybe a little more) before she stopped panting heavily and running around. She's calm now, but I can tell she remembers how she was feeling because of the bananas. Unfortunately, she would still eat some if I gave them to her.

We're holding back carrots, her usual evening treat, and just giving her spinach in addition to her pellets and hay. We'll return to fresh apple and banana slices tomorrow morning. I don't ever want to go through that again.

Lesson learned.


Kiki-Chan said...

when you went "DO NOT EVER..." I feared for the bunnie's life. I thought that you would say that it got constipated because they were too dry and it died of it. (saw it happen in a horse)
anyways, I didn't even knew that bunnies were used for wool. I wonder if I am wasting the cat hairs that Koko so generously provides me.

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Believe me, I worried for Blanca Bunny's life too. She's an Angora rabbit so her fiber/hair is the angora that people talk about. Very soft for baby hats, blankets and any sweater. 8-times warmer than wool. Not all bunnies provide this fiber.

I've heard of people spinning dog hair into yarn, but not cat hair. Anyone?